Potter County Veterinary Clinic Services

Small Animal Services

Small Animal Medicine refers to the treatment and diagnosis of smaller animals, such as dogs and cats, as well as many other species of animals.

We offer the following small animal services

Our veterinary staff is highly trained and experienced in caring for small animals like dogs and cats, as well as exotic and pocket pets. Working with animals is our passion, and we strive to provide the highest level of care possible for your pets.

A cat sitting on table

Pet Advanced Digital X-rays

Two dogs looking up

Pet Dental Care

Identifying cat with microchip device

Pet Microchipping

cat and dog eating from a bowl

Pet Nutritional Counseling

A dog sitting on a table

Pet Onsite Diagnostics

Veterinarian feeding medicine to dog

Pet Parasite Prevention

A cat lying on a towel

Pet Spay & Neuter

Dog wearing a collar after surgery

Pet Surgery

A cat having ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound

A woman holding a dog

Pet Vaccinations

A dog sitting on the table

Pet Wellness Exams